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Making business utilities simple:

Our innovative Utility Health Check takes the hassle away from your business utilities and ensures you save time, money and consumption.

business energy

Industry leading business energy strategies, tailored made to suit your organisation.

excess capacity review

Ensuring you pay for what capacity allowance you use and when. Don't get caught with overcharges.

business water

Ensuring you pay for what capacity allowance you use and when. Don't get caught with overcharges.

business telecoms

Business Telecoms Solutions including our carbon neutral telephony package: Fixed lines, broadband and mobiles.


Avoid those nuisance cold calls and speak with an energy expert when it’s convenient for you by starting your Utility Health Check.

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Enjoy saving time, money and consumption


We know that each business is unique so, we take the time understand your exact requirements. Understanding the way your business works helps us integrate as your utilities partner, saving you time and reducing operating costs. It also allows us to work alongside your business seamlessly, with quality assurance and first in class customer service. Take back control of your utilities and book your consultation today.

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Frequently asked questions

Our Utility Health Check ensures your business takes an innovative approach when it comes to utility procurement. We aim to mitigate any rise in operational cost so your business can deliver on long term budget security.

Our Utility Health Check service comes at absolutely no cost to your business.

There is absolutely no commitment or obligation to use our service or product offering. Our Utility Health Check service ensures your current and renewal costs are sense and risk checked against current and future providers – be that with a utility supplier directly or third party.

Whilst we don’t ask for any commitment or obligation to work with us, we do ask for a letter of authority. This document, does not allow us to make any decisions on your behalf but, simply access industry held data so we can provide you with an accurate quote and market comparison.

We believe in putting the power back in the consumers hands. Are you fed up of nuisance cold calls about your utilities and want to review this at your convenience? If so, book an appointment and speak with an energy expert when it’s convenient for you.

We’re happy to renew our partnership with UtilityWorks who have again secured our utility procurement contracts, including our flagship London store. In the current climate, mitigating operational costs and securing long term budget security is more critical than ever. We look forward to continuing our long term partnership with UtilityWorks
Working with UtilityWorks has been easy, efficient and just what we needed as our energy contracts were due for renewal during the pandemic of COVID-19. Not only being easy to work with, UtilityWorks also achieved us a saving of 36.2% across our group. Beard Construction welcomes a long term partnership with UtilityWorks