Lower your energy bill, without reducing your consumption with our intelligent kVa Capacity Reporting Tool




kVA Capacity or Authorised Supply Capacity, is a charge which is nominated against your electricity meter for the maximum amount of power which can be drawn from the National Power Grid at any one time.

In many cases, its often assumed that the only way to lower your energy costs is by finding the cheapest tariff or consuming less, this isn’t entirely true.

By looking at and taking consideration when analysing the kVA Capacity allowance from National Grid for your electricity meter, UtilityWorks can ensure you are paying for what you use only.

What This Means For You

If your kVA Capacity level is set too high and you’re consuming nowhere near that allowance, then you will be paying too much.

If your kVA Capacity level is set too low and you’re breaching your allowance, then you will be charged excessively, because you have gone over what the National Grid has set in principal as the maximum allowance for your meter.

How Do We Do It?

Don’t get caught by overcharges for under or over using – UtilityWorks has the know-how, connections and systems to ensure your kVa Capacity Charge is in order and you only pay for what you use and when.

We take your last 24 months consumption data, understand your electricity usage profile and take a granular look at your maximum demand profile. This ensures you’re paying for what you should be and your capacity allowances are set accordingly.