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Not just saving you money on water procurement contracts but, your water services too. Let us take control of your business water costs


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The business water market is still newly de-regulated (April 2017) meaning for the first time ever, businesses can now choose which water provider they contract with – however, this doesn’t mean its always the best idea to switch.

This is an increasingly difficult task: the increases have been fuelled largely by the cost of supporting more low carbon generation and upgrading infrastructure to accommodate a changing energy system. This means there’s now pressure on both sides of the bill, with increases in both wholesale (commodity) and non-commodity costs (taxes, levies and system charges).

Like any new market, the newly de-regulated water market is still finding its feet, things aren’t as straight forward as they appear to be and there are many different things to consider before you switch, so let UtilityWorks take care of it for you.

What This Means For You

As with most newly de-regulated markets, it’s quite often to see that some businesses have not taken advantage of more competitive rates in that market place.

We also understand the water market is different to most and that there is additional costs, more commonly known as water service costs (drainage, sewerage etc..).

In most cases we can combined these costs, or at the very least align them with one common supplier to make your billing more straight forward.

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How We Do It

Since the water market was de-regulated, we have worked with all water suppliers to make sure our customers are paying the most competitive rates, with the best customer service and also ensured their managed services are taken care of also.

We can start our industry leading process by simply looking at your water bills and discussing your requirements.