We take the ‘ill’ out of ‘bills’ and ensure your business stays one step ahead of your utility suppliers invoicing with our industry leading approach to Bureau Services

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Complicated, confusing and complex often comes to mind in the world of energy billing and invoices, so why not let UtilityWorks take care of it for you? With our automated comprehensive system, we’re able to analyse and automate your billing validation services with ease – putting your mind at ease.

This is an increasingly difficult task: the increases have been fuelled largely by the cost of supporting more low carbon generation and upgrading infrastructure to accommodate a changing energy system. This means there’s now pressure on both sides of the bill, with increases in both wholesale (commodity) and non-commodity costs (taxes, levies and system charges).

The time it takes many businesses to review their monthly invoices can place a significant impact, strain and cost on any business. With our automated platform and a pre-agreed structured level of service, we’re able to conduct this process driven piece of work for you, ensuring your invoices are accurate, on-time and most importantly, if they’re incorrect a dispute resolution service is put in place.

What We Do

We carry out over 100 different checks on your invoices but, here is just a few important ones:

  • Unit & Contractual Billable Rates
  • Hidden & Non-Inclusive Rates
  • Accurate Vs. Estimated Threshold
  • Site Numbers & Details
  • Missing Information
  • Taxes
  • Calculations
  • Consumption Date

How Can We Help You

If your business has multiple sites for billing, invoicing issues or simply want some assurances your billing is correct, we can help you.